Have you seen my life? I seem to have misplaced it

I'm wasting time
Well, I've been on here for 4 years nows and I've never NEVER posted a single thing. Either I've been afraid, holding back or just haven't had anything in mind to talk about. Lately I'm beginning to wonder why I started college..or if I started too early. I feel like I was rushed into it with really knowing what I wanted. Don't get me wrong the Art Fundamentals program has taught me so much, built my artistic skills, etc. I just have no idea what I'm going to next year. 

I'm planning on going to the school tomorrow before class to apply to new programs, the thing is, the programs I chose were just random one's that seemed interesting to me. Like they were drawn out of a hat and I really didn't think about them at all. I know how  awful that sounds, and it is awful....am' I just settling with a career choice that I may or may not be happy with? My mother seems fine with, it's either go to school next fall with my chosen program (I only have till the end of the month) or come home for a year and get job. You mean back home where I'm isolated, friendless and not very well liked? Yeah that'll go over well. 

Also, I've been completely lazy this year. I have an assignment do next week I haven't started and it's worth 20%. Maybe I'm not motivated to do the work?.........No, no I'm just lazy.

Whatever I do I guess it should it be a well thought through decision. I'll take a chance on that 3 year Furniture program. If don't like it, hey at least I tried my hand something huh?


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